Values are inner characteristics underlying all important choices, decisions, interests, preferences, and intentions. You share certain values in common with your age group and generation. Values also figure importantly in your compatibility with other people.


Lively, enthusiastic, exuberant, [fire ]

Practical, realistic, sensible, [earth ] 

Rational, communicative, clever, [air ]

Sympathetic, sensitive, caring, [water ]


Initiative, business, political, [cardinal ] 

Concentration, creative,technical, [fixed ]

Flexibility, academic, cultural, [mutable ]


Artistic, sensual, absorbed 

Scientific, idealistic, aloof 

Spontaneous, active, impulsive 

Reflective, contemplative, tactful 


Experiential; self-reliant values, involvement 

Comprehender; friendship values,harmony 

Belonger; family values, tradition 

Achiever; conventional values, reputation 


Skills are outward behavior and stress responses that maintain personal comfort zones and accommodate life circumstances. Skills are your personal talents, abilities, vocations, callings, and affiliations. They are not associated with any age group or generation. Skills give your life meaning, purpose and prominence.


Vivid, attention-getting, intuitive, high profile 

Brooding, purposeful, confiding, medium profile 

Gentle, observant, knowledgeable, low profile 


Expressive, domestic, casual, private 

Controlled, official, formal, public 

Independent, competitive, separateness 

Interactive, cooperative, closeness 


Equality, instinct, natural, affable

Hierarchy, authority, civil, polite 


Performer; assertive, faces challenge, entertains 

Provider; protective, nurturing, gives support 

Coordinator; detached, gets facts and evidence 

Manager; responsible, carries on with duties 


Attitudes test one primal urge against another. Your attitudes reflect your opinions, beliefs, and outlook on life. Attitudes give your life a rhythm of development and maturity. Some attitudes exemplify issues within an age-group or generation. However, certain attitudes are common to everyone at specific ages often associated with 'coming of age' and the quest for identity.


Self-improvement, challenging initiative, resolve 

Self-assurance, confident of ideas, formulation 

Self-discipline, drive to succeed, prove oneself 

Self-respect, exuberant faith, honesty, pride 

Self-restraint, demand for objectivity, compromise 


Easygoing, assimilating, usually accepted 

Tough-minded, confronting, usually misunderstood 



With warm signs emphasized in your chart, you tend to have a

warm, sensual nature and to be artistically-minded. You are

inclined to seek gratification of the senses and are

interested in the practical rather than the theoretical.

Instead of finding fault with your family, education, or

background, use your personal experience and resources to

create your own success.


Belonger values are emphasized in your chart. You value your sense of place within your family and community, and you are strongly committed to those who look to you for support. Most of your important decisions are influenced by significant people who have made a lasting impression on your life--particularly family members or teachers. Your values are traditional and your goals are tied to visible, material results.


With most planets in the lower hemisphere when your born, you are most at ease in casual surroundings where you can express yourself freely. Your private life is more important to you than your public life and you do not feel comfortable unless you have a home that you can call your own. At work you tend to be self- employed, or employed in small or privately owned businesses. You are articulate and persuasive, and easily express your feelings, ideas, and personality.


Provider skills are emphasized in your chart. You are inclined to be cooperative and like to express your feelings openly. Often you direct your concerns toward supporting the needs and feelings of other people. Usually you accomplish this in a parental sort of way. You are most at ease with sincere and concerned people, while you tend to clash with people who are too calculating and stuck up. You like to be known as a person who is willing to help others personally so that they may more easily take charge of their own affairs.


With fire signs predominating in your chart you tend to have a lively and enthusiastic disposition. You exude excitation and you need to be thrilled, inspired, and free. Your warmth and energy can manifest in your self-confidence, your romantic involvement, and your adventurous travels.


With cardinal signs emphasized in your chart, you tend to be business-minded and have good a political sense of issues and priorities. You initiate things. You are not content with the status quo and you want movement, results, progress. You are like the engine that gets the project moving from a dead stop and continues to impel it forward. You respond to events by provoking and originating new possibilities for what could exist.


Your predominance in succedant houses indicates that you tend to be medium-profile person with a brooding but purposeful manner. You tend to experiment and speculate, usually weighing the risks to your plans and keeping a backup plan handy.


With horizon quadrants emphasized in your chart, you tend to be friendly, natural, and affable in your outward behavior. You like to relate to everyone you meet as an equal in life, a human being no different or better than anyone else. You have a deep appreciation and respect for the wonders of nature and the wilderness. Rather than subdue nature, you prefer to sharpen and use your instincts and live in harmony with nature and the universe.


With trine aspects being most numerous in your chart, your dominant urge is for self-expression, gained through the demonstration of either your personal charisma or your faith. Your enthusiastic manner is maintained to please and impress others as well as express your optimism and goodwill.


Your overall temperament inclines toward a tough-minded composure. You tend to overcome most difficulties in your life by directly confronting them, making responsible issues out of them, and by challenging them. You are frequently misunderstood or resented and you find a relatively high level of rejection for your ideas, proposals, and actions. Yet you usually persist and continue your struggle according to your convictions until you either succeed or choose a different approach. When your efforts succeed, they usually have a significant impact. You tend to drain yourself physical vitality and need frequent periods of rest to regain your strength.

Here's why astrology can work. Astrology is nothing to do with an obsession about knowing the future, although the Greek God Apollo was master of prophecy. Apollo's maxim was "Know thyself" and in that, in knowing one's tendencies, weaknesses and strengths, astrology has a place. According to the Greek myths, each of the Gods threw in a component into the programming of Pandora the first woman - from whom by definition all our genes are derived. Knowing how the Gods programmed Pandora tell us also how we are programmed and helps us to know ourselves.

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Here are some more files produced by the computer purely arising from plugging in a place, date and time of birth. They arise purely from the mechanical positions of objects at a time of birth and bear no relation to any real person nor describe the character of anyone nor are based upon personal knowledge of any living person.

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