Astrological Self Analysis


Self goals describe the skills you use to compete with others. Self goals give you a sense of individuality, separateness, and freedom from the crowd. These goals also can describe your physical appearance and outward manner, and the behavior that makes you feel fit and self- confident.


You approach life as an opportunity to describe and explain things in a variety of situations and environments. You excel at talking, writing, communicating, instructing others, making frequent excursions, and adapting your appearance according to the needs of any given circumstance. You express yourself best mentally rather than physically, and strive to develop an inquiring, informed intellect and a nimble wit.

You are likely to be agile and well-coordinated, but you often neglect your body for the sake of reading and pursuing your various intellectual interests first. Nevertheless, your incessant nervous activity keeps you slender and youthful appearing.

You compete most effectively when you are outwardly nimble, adroit, curious, literary, talkative, humorous, amusing, versatile, adaptable, investigative, resourceful. At times you can be too superficial, scatter-brained, tricky, gossipy, unreliable.

Here's why astrology can work. Astrology is nothing to do with an obsession about knowing the future, although the Greek God Apollo was master of prophecy. Apollo's maxim was "Know thyself" and in that, in knowing one's tendencies, weaknesses and strengths, astrology has a place. According to the Greek myths, each of the Gods threw in a component into the programming of Pandora the first woman - from whom by definition all our genes are derived. Knowing how the Gods programmed Pandora tell us also how we are programmed and helps us to know ourselves.

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Here are some more files produced by the computer purely arising from plugging in a place, date and time of birth. They arise purely from the mechanical positions of objects at a time of birth and bear no relation to any real person nor describe the character of anyone nor are based upon personal knowledge of any living person.

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