Hammerwood Park
East Grinstead, Sussex, UK
was built by Latrobe
of The White House and The Capitol
Washington DC

Hammerwood Park in winter afternoon sunshine. The photography is assisted by the light of the low horizon.

Photograph of the east portico at Hammerwood Park

Hammerwood Park wonderful for a feature film crew to do a television shoot. We like the catering lorries best!
The bicentenary mural in the hall

The library where there are monthly concerts
The derelict dining room cannot be beaten if you want a photograph of decayed splendour
The derelict dining room where guests are not invited to dine :-)
This table seats 25 for our private dinner parties and looks wonderful on film as well. This room has been used for a documentary film about Dry Rot as well as a set for a television series
The Drawing Room which we use for dinner parties and

where bed and breakfast guests have breakfast.
Photograph of the Elgin Room with a copy of the Parthenon Frieze, known as the Elgin Marbles. This is a complete copy so a documentary film about them must include Hammerwood
The Elgin room with the copy of the Parthenon Frieze and where when we are open to the public we serve cream teas
This room is a cosier room for bed and breakfast B&B
The North Wing bedroom where guests can stay. An annex room adjoins for a third person together with an ensuite bathroom
UK Bed and Breakfast room where you can stay
The Victorian Bedroom where guests can stay. Spectacular but less cosy than the North Wing!
The bathroom is much liked by honeymoon couples as well as providing enough space for a film crew!><Br>The Bamboo Bathroom complete with Victorian Bath and loo. It's more of a museum in a way but the plumbing sort of works - but there's no power shower here, nor a shower at all! Come soak up the historic atmosphere!<Br>
Come take <A HREF=a tour of the house
Here's when the house is open
Here's how to get here

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Hammerwood Park makes a good film location for TV and feature film crews - but :-( sadly :-( to date none with such adventurously attractive :-) actresses as Pamela Anderson!

Hammerwood Park, East Grinstead, Sussex, RH19 3QE, United Kingdom. Tel +44 (0)1342 850594, Fax +44 (0)1342 850864, email latrobe@mistral.co.uk

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