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This is an independant set of pages not affiliated to any single organisation. It is an attempt to enable sites to be found independant of the caprices of the search engines. I find that unless we've bookmarked a useful site it is often difficult to find it again six months later because of changing selection criteria used by the search engines.

English Tourist Board s and other Bed & Breakfast, including Stately Homes, Cottages and Farmhouses

We do not like The English Tourist Board's official the National Grading and Classification Scheme so the B&B resources tabled below are not necessarily tourist board members. The Times newspaper commented that the scheme is truining the spirit of B&Bs. Of course we have included links to all the tourist boards from our files.

The official Crown Classification

Lists between 1 and 5 Crowns, and theoretically shows the range of services and facilitiesprovided for guests but does not take into account the character charm and peace of a small countryside establishment in comparison to a well fitted facility on a busy main road overlooking a gasometer.

In addition to the Crown rating a "Quality Grading" is applied within the official scheme - De Luxe/ Highly Commended / Commended / Approved - which theoretically indicates an overallstandard of welcome, service and accommodation - but which quite frankly does not work.

We are developing sections on the English regions - where to go and what to see and will soon be launching a directory of a nationwide historic houses opening to the public. We are going to be updating the UK files during January so please let us know about newest British sites as soon as you can.

Site directory

Please let us know if you want sites added to any of the files below. On the UK Guide and World Index pages you'll find a guestbook on which you can immediately advertise your newsite online. The Royal website links site is additionally useful because it has links to UK Teletext on which not only is there current news but there are good Tourist trip offers, particularly in the Cruise and Sunny Island tourism markets.

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