Ordering Pamela Anderson Baywatch merchandise

Ordering Baywatch merchandize from Startoy

Baywatch float sold by Startoy
The reproduction of the picture quality here is not wonderful -
but the real product is LIFE SIZE and excellent . . .

You never expected to be able to go out with Baywatch 's
Pamela Anderson to the beach and sleep with her . . .
did you!?!

Here she is and there's plenty more photos
- if you'd like to scroll down . . .

The original Pamela Anderson Photo

Startoy has sourced a winner this year and for $20 plus P&P you can buy better than a poster of the gorgeously seductive swimsuited Pam Anderson just as she appears in her Baywatch red swimming costume . . .

Here she is, ready and waiting for you to take her to the beach . . .
Pam Anderson on Baywatch float sold by Startoy
or to bed . . . Pamela Anderson Baywatch float sold by Startoy
. . . to sleep comfortably with when camping
The reproduction of the picture quality here is not wonderful -
but the real product is LIFE SIZE and top rate . . .

To buy one for yourself or a friend who would appreciate her you can order one from Startoy in Florida and our contact in the UK

Are you tempted to buy a dozen?

Then you'll need to have some storage boxes from Box Shop

Here's the return link back to Pamela Anderson's page

You couldn't do without balloons at a Pam Party could you? . . .
Titilate your boyfriend with these latex balloons!

These special polo-mint shaped balloons are great fun and quite out of the ordinary! Being careful not to burst them, you can even sit on them! Attractive women like Pamela buy these as presents for randy admirers, boyfriends and husbands to avoid unexpected babies. Baby 5 inch balloons are available but these big 16 inch round ones are 10 UK pounds for a dozen, UK postage included. For USA customers, they are available through Startoy in Florida for $16 for a dozen, US postage included. You can order them by emailing us here for the UK or US address to send cheques or postal orders to.

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