Volunteers have played an important part at Hammerwood Park and especially in the continuing restoration of the parkland. Of special assistance have been the local National Trust Activities Group (NTAG) and the London Wildlife Trust.
Over the last year, volunteers led by Richard Yates and Andrew Ginner have made an enormous impression on the parkland. A bridge has been built over the lake and a new secret path has been cleared through the spectacular rhododendrons. A young oakwood has been thinned to allow the trees to develop. There is now a complete trail through the park for visitors to enjoy.

Individual volunteers are welcome: they stay at the house, normally in a couple of mobile homes out of the way in the grounds and we give them food to cook themselves and a small amount of pocket money. The arrangement has been useful to a number of students who have graduated but for whom there is no work in their fields.
In the course of time, because the house is open to the public and a focus for restoration, preservation and environment skills, useful contacts can be made. Two of the organ building students who assisted with the building of the organ gained both experience and contacts and now have jobs.

We have also been helped by Czech au-pairs - who you might need to help you!

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