Why I no longer repair computers

I trained in Physics and electronic engineering at Imperial College, London, and for a dozen years I sorted out every conceivable computer malfunction that anyone could throw at me. I saw the progress of computers since Fortran and have machines dating back to the Commodore Pet and the first Macintosh signed by all the designers on the inside of the case in my collection. I collect all electrical equipment going back to a Swan United Electric Light Company carbon filament light bulb from 1882.

But in the world of computer repairs I became fed up of people whose hard disc had failed from old age, blaming me instead of themselves and who kept no backups nor installation discs for the genuine and pirate software they were relying on! So I find internet marketing much more fun and enjoyable.

When people have a duff hard disc, they'll even tell you that in using diagnostic software, you broke their hard disc. Their machine is probably so old, often bought unwisely second hand on its last legs, that you can't get compatible parts . . . and they'll blame you, not pay you a penny often for working for hours trying to do something for them quickly in what they perceive to be an emergency, and then say that you should be responsible for buying them a new computer. So I don't like repairing computers for anyone other than friends.

The worst computer to come across is the Macintosh Performa 630. You'll have in the back of your mind that there were some bastard hybridised machines around . . . and this is it! Open it up and you'll find that it isn't a nice friendly backwards and forwards compatible SCSI drive but a 1/2Gb IDE . . . and try and get one of those nowadays!

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