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for 1998

with Richard Creightmore




This series of seminars presents an integrated training in the theory and practice of Feng Shui. The complete course may be followed, or individual weekends may be attended, depending upon previous Feng Shui studies and experience.


Introduction and Overview

January 31st - February 1st

The concept of Qi and an ‘energetic' overview of Feng Shui and Chinese


Yin/yang theory.

The theory of the Five Elements, their correspondences, and the productive

and destructive transformations.

Basic principles of Form School analysis and the concept of assembled Qi.

The ideal Feng Shui model and the four celestial animals. The Mysterious Underground Energies

February 28th - March 1st

Geopathic Stress - black streams, geological faults, mineral deposits, geomagnetic grids and ley lines.

Map and field dowsing and water divining.

The ‘eight needles of the water compass method'.

Earth acupuncture, theory and practical work.

(Those who have already studied Earth Acupuncture with Richard will find

much new material presented here).

The Eight Trigrams

March 28th - 29th

The Ho tu diagram and the pre-Heavenly Ba Gua arrangement.

The Lo shu diagram and the post-Heavenly Ba Gua sequence and their correspondences & applications.

The I Ching and the 64 hexagrams.

The Luo Pan - Geomantic Compass

May 2nd & 3rd

The Eight Houses and the Ming Gua.

The Ten Celestial Stems.

The Twelve Terrestrial Branches.

The twenty-four Mountains.

The sixty-year cycle, the four pillars of destiny and the eight lucky stems.

The Flying Stars

June 6th & 7th

The nine purple/white Stars.

The Lo shu flying pattern.

Flying Star Feng Shui.

The Five Representative Feng Shui Schools

July 11th & 12th

The Luan Tou Pai, Ba Zhai Pai, Fei Xin Pai, San Yuan Pai and San He Pai. Revision, synthesis and application in practice.

Architecture and Landscape Design

August 1st & 2nd

The Lu Ban and Ya Bai rulers; auspicious and inauspicious measurements and proportions for carpentry and architecture. Classical Chinese gardens as art. The key elements of garden design and the eight philosophical principles. Classical gardens of Suzhou.


in Wuhan, Hubei, China, September 25th & 26th

Followed by:-


September 27th - October 13th

Taught by Professor Cheng Jian Jun, PhD, and Professor Wang Yude, PhD, two of China's best known Feng Shui scholars and experts on the Luopan.

This Workshop is only open to those with a sound working knowledge of all the topics covered in the February to July seminars.

Cost of China Study Tour - to be announced.

Cost of UK Seminars - £125 per weekend

Venue - the heart of the Ashdown Forest, East Sussex For further information and bookings, please telephone/fax. LANDSCOPE on 01825 713215.

Richard Creightmore M.A. (Oxon.), B.Ac., M.B.Ac.C., has been studying Geomancy from the Chinese, Celtic and other traditions since 1979, and practising professionally since 1986. A Geography degree at Worcester College, Oxford (1980) was followed by explorations into the British earth mysteries and work with leading dowsers. A degree in Acupuncture and the study of herbal medicine, cranio-sacral therapy and other healing arts led to his establishing an holistic medical practice in 1985. This he combines with his Feng Shui consultancy and lecturing. In the past two years Richard has studied Feng Shui in China with Professor Wang Yude and Professor Cheng Jianjun.

Visitors since October 1997

Hey - I can dowse! I discovered at one of Richard Creightmore's courses at the beginning of May. We were geomantically dowsing then but I find I can reliably pick up drain pipes, sewer pipes, fresh water mains and electricity cables. It defies conventional science but it works! David Pinnegar at I've also picked up something called the Hartmann grid which covers the globe and manifests itself to a variable extent: the rods close on 1.4m centres on lines of approximately north - south orientation. Does anyone know more about this?

The explanation can only be a gravitational with linkage to our brains by way of the gravitational and electrical assymetry of the water molecule.
What fascinates me is that these phenonomae affect the brain and our rods when the rods are in our hands. They must also do do when we do not have the rods in our hands! David Pinnegar at Hammerwood Park beleives dowsing to be associated with gravitational variations and waves and has experimented in the Egyptian pyramids

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