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Photo: Thomas Pinnegar 2008

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Hammerwood Park was built in 1792 by Latrobe, architect of the White House and Capitol, Washington D.C. was mutilated into flats in the 1960s, was purchased by Led Zeppelin in the 1970s and was rescued from dereliction by the Pinnegar family in 1982.

You never know what to expect next at Hammerwood:

You can stay at Hammerwood Park -
an exclusive B&B in most special surroundings!

Victorian bedroom for bed and breakfast at Hammerwood Park near Gatwick Airport
B&B bamboo bathroom at Hammerwood Park

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Hammerwood has concerts too!

Photo: Thomas Pinnegar 2008

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Hammerwood was built by


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Hammerwood was once owned by Led Zeppelin. Click here to read about them.

The people here

Click here for the pre-1792 history
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Take the tour of Hammerwood Park here

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Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon

Why preserve the Heritage?

Hammerwood Park has a copy of the Elgin Marbles. Here is some groundbreaking work about their importance.

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We urge all people interested in conservation to support SPAB - the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings and if you have moved into an old house, the SPAB courses help people to make the right conservation decisions which help to both maintain the historic value of a house as well as possibly avoiding very expensive mistakes.

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Texts of:

Latrobe's Doric Revival at Hammerwood Park, Thesis by Michael Trinder MA, Cambridge University
Extract: Mythic Landscapes and Hellenic Detail: Latrobe's early work in Sussex, Trinder.

History repeats itself over a long enough period!
"A nation without a past has no future".
"Reading the writing on the wall: The challenge of the Tree of Life":
The Parthenon Frieze and the modern world
(in which science, history and belief converge)
, David Pinnegar BSc ARCS

and here soon further research about Latrobe and his extraordinary family, the Greek mythological inspiration, Apollo, the Moravians and the Latrobe family inspiration Count Zinzendorf

Visitors book, enquiries and comments

E-mail address is: latrobe@mistral.co.uk.

Or you could write to us at Fax +44 1342 850864 or telephone +44 1342 850594 (01342 850594 within UK) or post to Hammerwood Park East Grinstead Sussex, RH19 3QE England

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and Here for The Times report of what English Heritage's Chairman Sir Jocelyn Stevens has to say about the Lottery

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And now for something comletely different . . .

Here's a site for the Hidden Ireland, an association of historic family homes that offer dinner B&B. They are also constructing,on the same server, a site for Irish Heritage Properties, historic houses that are open for day visits.