What the Ghosts say at Hammerwood!

In November of 1996 Hammerwood took part in a "Spookathon" on the night of All Hallows which raised over 300 for Marie Curie cancer care. This started off as a joke fundraising event in which people were sponsored to stay in the most haunted places of Sussex. Four psychics who came met a number of the Hammerwood ghosts and took notes.

In particular they met one of the 19th Century owners of the house and his son who told them information of which we were vaguely aware, which has never been published and which was corroborated by a descendant of the family. The ghosts were having an argument introducing themselves as marchant or merchant. Upon telling this to a descendant of the family he replied "Yes, there was always talk in the family of father . . . . being rather aware of his merchant background and wanting his son to be more of a gentleman . . ."! The psychics think that they might do a "Guidebook from the other side" in due course. They tell the story of how a former housekeeper objects to the introduction of electricity to the house - "It is so much more difficult to dim the electric bulbs than to flicker a candle", she complains. Clearly former generations of occupiers must have been closer to having been aware of the ghosts around them than are we . . .

In the meantime they write:

"David, you will find that I have enclosed a New Year message from our dear old friend 'Latrobe'. He is such a lovely chap and he gets quite excited when he is able to make contact so clearly. It is not always easy as there can be a lot of etheric interference which can prevent a clear contact. Latrobe is keen for you to have this message now rather than wait for it to be put on disc, which could take some months before you receive it. I get the feeling that he may not have a lot of time for discs and computerised messages! I wrote it when and as he was saying it, but as my writing is not too good, my son Danny typed it out for you exactly as it was written. I have a great feeling that Latrobe will make contact quite often in the future."


"Happy new year to all and to the Pinnegars, who work never endlessley to achieve the great originality of the park house. I assist where and when I can to help David meet his aims. If I could I would turn the house round, the entrance to north again, but it can not be done without destroying good work already completed. I wish not to talk of any one in particular only work of building, but Dorien Megan, it was sacrilege to see a bright atmosphere, in side a beutiful home turn black and sour. I bitterly resented such a person living within the walls of my beautiful creation. It was not my most famous work, but it was my favourite of all time, the scenery is captivating. The peace of the land surrounds a beutiful monument of work, it is alive with nature and spiritiul zest. The house itself will need little or none alterations to the exterior. It has survived it's conquest well. Inside takes shape in a slow but passionate way. It will not be an axact replica of my original work, but I try to help David recapture it's finery, within his own mind. He can do it, and will do it. He experiences the exquisitivness of the building, structure and decoration through eyes that see in the same light, as I did and still do. It will take many years to complete, but him and his fine family will not be dissapointed. It will be a wonderful achievment and it will always have been worth it to him and many others, but especially to me. He is a good man, he pays me a great tribute. But I Latrobe pay tribute to David Pinnegar.

God Bless To All"

Forgive the spelling - the medium is a delightful and simple lady whose strong point is not a mundane matter of spelling.

Here's a page which goes to explain the physical evidence for the medium behind psychic communication and sight of invisible matter

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Counter Following an evening with the psychics - and with my proposition that the Parthenon Frieze has a connexion with Atlantis - I've come across interesting people and ideas and found reason to believe that we can correctly acknowledge that experience does and should go beyond the realms of currently perceived "sanity"

At first sight, posts like the following look strange (!)
This is from the Atlantis mailing list.

>From: Cathy Sample
>Subject: Re: [Atlantis] Magnetic Resonance Maths/Paper
>Hi Giselle
> Your information rings true for me, as I remember the colors of the prism being
>directed to the individual healing tables through a domed opening in the round temple of
>healing in Atlantis.
> The Keys of Enoch says that all past/future healing, including regeneration of
>limbs and organs, will come through the vibration of sound and color. Now if we can
>re-member the correct formulaes--Do you have more information on the process?
> Thank you,
> Cathy

Apollo, as well as being known as god of arts, is associated with both prophecy and the Sun - white light. Apollo's son was god of medicine. There is a connexion with all three beyond the obvious here.

The psychics - who are involved with healing, talking to ghosts or spirits and channelling information from past or elsewhere and future planned events - meeting people and spirit entities "in the astral" - going off in spaceships - the mind boggles at such stories - taught me about the chakras and going to white light. These people call themselves lightworkers.

I've only done it a few times and on two occasions I have been met by a Red Indian who I see welcoming me. On the first of these occasions, one of the psychics at the same time saw me taking to a red indian. On another occasion I tried and succeeded to relieve pain for my son when he had an accident.

The body is divided into 7 chakras
Red - crotch
Orange - naval
Yellow - stomach (colour of bile)
Green - heart
blue-green - throat
blue - forehead
violet - top of head

Think of crotch area
Think of red

When you see red think of naval and think of orange.
When you see orange move to yellow, etc, up through the body and through the spectrum.

When you get to violet and see it, put all the colours together. Of course they make white.

So think of a shaft of white light coming down right through the top of your head and connecting to earth through your body.

Hold that white light state and you can ask anything for the benefit of others - whether it be healing, pain relief or telepathic message communication - or you might meet someone, may be your "spirit guide" - known in the last century as your Guardian angel, connected by a silver chord (coincidence? another white reference).

It can be a good idea to ask whoever you meet if they are working for the light - if they are not they will disappear. - Remember half "the Council" of the Parthenon Frieze present the image of the other side to trip us up 'cause they don't believe we are good enough - so it is that some of the people you apparently meet in this white light state are negative beings and they disappear on challenge.

You'll probably think I'm really loony, but it's a bit of a shock to the system when one finds that what some of these people seem to be talking about is true, when one goes there to the astral oneself and meets people and when one finds that one can telepathically send and receive messages. It was a similar shock when I found that dowsing works and that I could do it.

What's also extraordinary is the possibility that all of these phenonomae practiced by psychics appear to relate to the hidden connexion behind the attributes of Apollo.