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David Pinnegar BSC ARCS - The following was written in around 1997 and updated with the substantial italic bold paragraphs after a visit to the Pyramids.

An old man once asked what was the difference between someone from the town and someone from the countryside. "The town man", he said, "is clever. The country man is wise".

Town men might laugh at the bee-keeper talking to his bees or the seedsman talking to his plants and tell them that they are mad. When a swarm of wild bees in the walls of Hammerwood heard a bee-keeper proposing to kill them for fear of the spread of disease, the bees heard him and felt my fear for them! Within two hours they had fled elsewhere.

Increasingly that which was unimaginable is now understandable. What would the medieval peasant have thought about that biblical story of Adam being put to sleep, cut open, the extraction of a rib and his being sewn back together, alive?

In the past, life was simple - it was all a matter of belief. As we ate of the tree of knowledge, life became less clear. With imperfect knowledge Darwinists told us that we evolved from a primeval sea of life and they disrupted the faith of many. Yet scientific understanding of the DNA mechanism may yet confirm conclusively our old beliefs. If life ever evolved from chaos, the ancient myths suggest that it did so in another creation.

What was light long ago has faded into darkness. Imperfect knowledge plunges us into a sea of uncertainty but in the deeper knowledge of science we rediscover the beauty of creation. The job common to artists, priests and scientists is to make that which was invisible visible. The task of the museum curator is to preserve the source materials.

Astrology should by reason have no connexion with fact or science. Its apparent former connotations with spiritualists and the occult justified treatment with the ultimate of caution and scepticism. The availability of modern computer software, however, has transformed the treatment of the subject from a dubious art to a calculated mechanism. Upon acquiring such an "instant astrologer" program over the recent year, purely for fun, my perception of the subject has been transformed. The results, based upon accurate information relating to the subject's time and place of birth, can often give a most remarkable insight into the characteristics of the person concerned. Their strengths and weaknesses, when revealed can be of positive benefit to them. Large commercial organisations take astrology as seriously as graphology in parallel with CVs in assessing prospective candidates for jobs.

So why should it work? What connexion can there be between our destiny cast at the time of our birth and the planets and stars? The idea that gravity is involved is not new: The moon and planets all exert their gravitational forces and this has a visible effect on the tides. The connexion with the perception of water in our bodies is then derived. Epidemiologists take the subject seriously. But the effect is more than the simple alteration of water levels: each planet and astral constellation appears to exert differing characteristics which affect our behaviour. We are controlled by thought and, if the results of astrology are testimony to the effect, there is an apparent communication in the control of our thought at the moment we are born.

Astrology thus provides an idea that there is some influence of the heavenly bodies upon our thoughts by reason of a gravitational communication, some sort of telepathy. The conventional view is that the inverse square law of the falling off of the gravitational field makes solar system gravitational forces so small as to be insignificant. But for years physicists have searched for gravitational waves and wave behaviour can be markedly different from static field force observations. The planetary bodies are moving at very fast speeds and waves can add together and subtract from each other producing interference effects, the patterns and movements of which, in other areas of wave observation, can be much more apparent than static phenonomae. The way in which modern physics is trying to detect gravitional waves is with experiments with and enormous pendulum weighing tons and unable to respond to anything but the lowest frequencies. Such experiments would be as useless in finding high frequency gravitional waves as expecting an AM radio to receive TV, Stereo FM or DAB digital signals. Our scientific knowledge might be incomplete and dowsing phenonomae, astrology and telepathy might show this to be the case. Is there credible evidence of telepathic communication?

The Bible quotes in Matthew 17:20
If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.

John 3:12
If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?

At risk of ridicule, an American hypnotherapist, Dolores Cannon records in her book "Keepers of the Garden" an account of a patient who under regression was, if you like, under the delusion that he was an extra-terrestrial upon another planet. Hiroshima sent waves to "them up there" and, he says, "they" are worried by us. Before quantum physics, conventionalists who had heard of relativity would have said it was impossible - nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

According to Cannon's patient "them up there" know what we are thinking: the pyramids and the Washington Monument are the earth's telepathic transmitters! Such a concept may not be as ridiculous as it seems: if telepathic waves are gravitational, tall massive obelisks will vibrate with the earth beneath them, just as a seismologist's earthquake measuring device, and transmit waves like our tall television transmitters. Similarly, the one thing common to pyramids is mass which leads to the distortion of the earth's gravitational field, with chambers, tunnels and long small shafts - just like gravitational microwave resonators, waveguides and transmitters.

The Natural Law Party of Transcendental Meditationalists with their ridiculed Yogic Flying claim that, by 200 of their members practising in an area afflicted by inner-city troubles, they can reduce the crime rate. The idea is that they are reducing their mind to the purist levels of thought and conveying these by some telepathic influence. They must believe it with the greatest of sincerity. In the course of Yogic meditation, not only is the mind straightened into coherent thoughts, just as light waves in a laser, but the back is straightened. Perhaps in the connexion of our brain to the straightened spine and thereafter to an array of bones in the rib cage we have within each of us a powerful capacity to transmit and receive telepathic waves.

As Christians, when we pray, we must believe in telepathy because how else are we allowing "the spirit" of God to talk to us and we to Him? And don't we believe that the more of us who are praying simultaneously, the more influence our prayers might have on world events?

The ancient Cretans believed in the earth as mother and their buildings had to pay reverence to the earth and all that lived therein (Vincent Scully The Earth, the Temple and the Gods). The Minoan palaces together with the Greek temples were carefully aligned upon manifestations of the earth's features - its valleys and its hills. Just as we look at television transmitting aerials (dipoles) and might compare them to "telepathic" obelisks, another form of television aerial familiar to us has arrays of parallel elements - just like the repeating masses of the columns of ancient Greek temples, aligned on massive distortions of the earth's gravitational field.

Perhaps neither the Classicists nor the Gothicists were wrong in their differing advocations for church architecture? Perhaps we may rediscover the legendary secret knowledge of the ancient stone masons? Perhaps churches must have either tall towers or spires pointing to heaven, or vast arrays of classical columns focused in a portico? Within such churches, whether gothic or classical, more columns are to be found binding the members of the church together and holding up the roof and perhaps connecting gravitational waves as we pray.

Modern physics confirms that there is matter, perhaps called "super-symmetric matter", which we can neither see nor detect because it is independent of the properties of electrons and electromagnetism. (The incredible story of Claude Vorilhon Rael includes a specific reference to metal in his book "The book which tells the truth". On the face of it, laughably, he was invited by an alien for a trip in a gravity-defying flying saucer. Crucially he reports the strict injunction not to travel wearing any metal, suggesting an electromagnetic connexion with the flying mechanism). In the "Super Unification Thory" of modern physics, super-symmetric matter is linked with the nature of gravity. The transmission of matter symmetry information is required by modern quantum theory to be instantaneous. Because super-symmetric matter contains none of the properties of electrons, electromagnetic waves cannot interact with it and we therefore cannot see it. But perhaps we can. People who dowse come across something called the Hartmann Grid. This is a series of lines around 2 metres apart which cover the whole earth upon which dowsing rods want to cross. The regularity of the lines suggests that there are wave interference effects which are being observed and that they may be gravitational, associated with the properties of mass. What is interesting is that some years ago a comet met its end crashing into Jupiter and then, dowsers reputedly observed a disturbance of the Hartman grid 45 minutes before the arrival of the light of the event. If that observation was correct, the information appeared to have traveled at faster than the speed of light.

On this hypothesis David Pinnegar has taken dowsing rods into the Pyramids of Egypt looking for a possible connexion between dowsing, mass and gravitational variations and/or waves. Inside the second pyramid, the Hartmann Grid observable outside was not observable inside, and dowsing lines inside the chamber at the centre suggested that "standing waves" were being observed associated with the mass of the pyramid. Standing wave phenonomae and lines corresponding with arrangement of local masses were observed also both at the Funerary temple near the Sphinx at at the massive temple of Karnac.

Gravitational waves do affect us: there are people who we call "lunatics" who are directly affected by the gravity of the moon. We see the water of the tides move too. We are ourselves 90% water - and our brains are equally full of it. The water molecule is physically and electrically lop-sided, imbalanced. As water molecules move, electrical charges move and interfere with other electrical charges moving in our brains. As our brains move charges, they move water molecules with them! So the effect of gravitational waves or local variations could be the mechanism by which dowsing phenonomae are observed.

The formerly incredible and intangible begins thus to have foundation in physics. Our ancient beliefs of what we were told at the beginning of time should be our foundation: departure from these is more likely to be an aberration of an imperfect science rather than an imperfection of what we were told. Our current science is incomplete.

When we meet the next messenger of our Creation, will we believe him when he is sent to tell us of things unseen now to us but seen in heaven? Will we recognise "the Son of man coming from the clouds"? Will we crucify him too? That which was inconceivable a couple of generations ago now seems possible and daily the scientists are proving creation to be true.

Week by week we learn of new advances in our knowledge of DNA, including in 1995 the discovery of the section of DNA which counts the number of times a cell has divided and thereby controls the lifetime of the body. The removal of this section from the DNA code results in a body of everlasting lifetime. Immortals and those pre-flood lifetimes of hundreds of years are myth no more.

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Here's a letter of appreciation received:

"I was born in Cairo Egypt cross from the Great Pyramids of Giza. This where I played during my Childhood . Every time I enter the Pyramids I entered in different state of being. I beleive in you, I have information given to me as a child and it came true after I left Egypt and moved to the USA

May GOD bless you and bless every one you serve.


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