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You never expected to be able to go out with Baywatch 's
Pamela Anderson to the beach nor find her on your bed . . .
did you!?!

Here' gorgeous Pamela and there's plenty more photos
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The original Pam Anderson Photo

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Pam Anderson on Baywatch float sold by Startoy
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If you don't like taking Pamela to beaches like this
A beach where Pamela would take up too much space
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Sex wasn't the original sin - it was the act of Hephaestus

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Here is Pamela Lee Anderson in a Baywatch swimsuit on a Baywatch poster

Pam Anderson's Baywatch swimsuit looks better than a bikini . . .
(Who'll flame us for saying that!)

Pamela can look wistful too!

But Pamela Anderson is always happy just for you . . .

Standup model of Pam Anderson on Baywatch sold by HSS
Here's even a life size stand up model of Pam Anderson!
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Here are places to take Pam for a week's break and a good meal!
Places to take Pamela Anderson for a night out and a meal

Are you thinking of having a rompingly good party? Then here are balloons to celebrate with!

Here's http://name.is/pamela.anderson which may be intriguing!

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Here's an astrological analysis of Pamela Anderson's Career according to an analysis of her time and place of birth

Here are some more files produced by the computer purely arising from plugging in a place, date and time of birth. They arise purely from the mechanical positions of objects at a time of birth. The following files bear no relation to any real person nor describe the real character of anyone nor are based upon personal knowledge of any real living person. They arise from pure mathematical analysis. But analysis such as this can help people to know themselves

Profile and predominance of traits of no real person
Family analysis of no real person
Partnership and relationship of no real person but according to tvguidelive.com it might apply to Pamela Anderson: she'll need to know herself and be careful to guard against any such tendencies
Ego analysis of no real person
Here's a Horoscope for Pamela Anderson

Here's the most romantic stately home in England to bring Pamela
The victorian bedroom at Hammerwood Park
to stay on her next honeymoon (!)
or for a film shoot

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